States Deem 2020 Election Practices Officially 'Illegal'

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article stated that Pennsylvania ultimately struck down its mail-in voting law. Upward News cited a lower court ruling that the state Supreme Court had overturned by the time of publishing.

Ballot drop boxes: Last year, Texas’ state Legislature banned unsupervised ballot boxes and overnight voting. The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled this year that unmanned ballot boxes used in the 2020 election are illegal.

Mail-in voting rulings: In October, the Delaware Supreme Court struck down a 2022 law that granted universal mail-in voting. The U.S. Supreme Court and later Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled against counting mail-in ballots with no dates. A New York judge also ruled that the state couldn’t use a “perpetual” COVID-19 state of emergency to expand mail-in voting. Lastly, a Wisconsin judge ruled against allowing incomplete addresses on mail-in ballots.

“Zuckbucks”: Dozens of states banned third-party election-related funding after Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg famously gave hundreds of millions of dollars to groups that conducted voter initiatives in swing states won by Democrats.

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