2021’s Most Outrageous Hoaxes

Conspiracies in January, Facts in December

Despite the MSM’s biased reporting, truth has prevailed. Here’s a review  of 2021’s most outrageous hoaxes:

10. Hunter Biden’s laptop was real, not “Russian disinformation”

9. The CIA manufactured the Russian bounty story

  • In June 2020, NYT broke the infamous Russian bounty story. Despite Trump discrediting this hoax, the MSM, including Joe Biden in the final presidential debate, escalated the story. Months later, Biden’s own officials walked back this orchestrated claim.

8. The FBI infiltrated and led the Gov. Whitmer kidnapping plot

  • The Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot shocked the nation. But did you know that the FBI not only infiltrated but led the group? Read more about this complicated plot on Buzzfeed.

7. The Lab-Leak Theory is now the most likely pandemic origin

  • After Trump claimed that the virus could have originated from a Wuhan Lab, the MSM quickly condemned this theory as a conspiracy. But, now, even senior Biden officials have determined the Lab-Leak Theory to be credible.

6. Trump Supporters did not kill anyone at the Capitol

  • The MSM led the nation to believe that Jan. 6th was a ‘coup.’ Contrary to this narrative, Trump Supporters did not kill anyone on Jan. 6th. In fact, only Trump supporters were killed, including Ashli Babbitt who was killed by an incompetent capitol police officer. There has still been no justice.

5. Hillary’s campaign manufactured the Russia-Collusion hoax

  • The MSM has ignored what the NY Post dubs “the biggest hoax in US political history:” the Clinton campaign orchestrating the Russia-Collusion hoax. Ironically, this DNC-hoax was streamed by platforms like MSNBC and CNN, which now call for censorship of conservatives for “misinformation.”

4. Ivermectin as a “horse dewormer”

  • The MSM’s depiction of FDA-approved ivermectin is another outrageous hoax. Remember when Rolling Stone published the completely false article claiming hospitals were overwhelmed by ‘Horse Dewormer’ overdoses? It never happened.

3. Border agents did not whip migrants

  • In September, “misconstrued” photos of a border patrol agent seemingly whipping migrants went viral, even after the images’ photographer attested that Border Patrol agents had not whipped anyone.

2. In Kenosha, Kyle Rittenhouse acted in pure self-defense

  • After the media defamed Kyle Rittenhouse, labeling him as a white supremacist, he was acquitted on all counts.

1. The shots don’t prevent infection or transmission

  • Perhaps, the biggest lie that has been spouted from Dr. Fauci, and repeated by the MSM pundits, is that the COVID-19 vaccine is “safe and effective.” In reality, the vaccine does not stop infection nor transmission.

Happy New Year! May it be filled with health, happiness, and no hoaxes.