2024 Trump Campaign Is More Organized, Critics Fear

What’s happening: Democrats fear that former President Trump's 2024 campaign is stronger than anticipated. After sailing his way to victory in Iowa and New Hampshire, the presumptive GOP nominee's success is indicative of a more sophisticated, well-managed operation than his previous runs.

What's different: Although Trump's base still views him as a political outsider, the reality is that he's a seasoned candidate. With political veterans and a robust army of supporters by his side, Trump's more efficient campaign is likely to secure the nomination in the next month.

  • Running a tight ship: Unlike previous years, his 2024 campaign is staffed with experienced political operatives and doesn't suffer from extreme infighting.

  • Securing party approval: Trump is spending time fostering relationships with establishment Republican operatives. As a result, his establishment opposition is decreasing and the GOP is consolidating around him.

  • Ground game: The campaign is running extensive ground operations and generating strong grassroots support.

Pre-transition efforts: Trump is working with The Heritage Foundation to staff the next White House meticulously and to develop policy plans for radically reforming the bureaucracy. Foundation president Kevin Roberts calls this effort “institutionalizing Trumpism.”

Why it matters: Amid Trump's legal battles, Democrats discounted his legitimacy, assuming that Republicans wouldn't back him while he focused on building a more formidable campaign. If Trump succeeds in securing the presidency, his White House has the potential to operate in a significantly more organized and efficient fashion, drawing from the example of his campaign.

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