28 Florida Colleges Vow Not To Teach Critical Race Theory

Following pressure from Gov. DeSantis, Florida’s university system announced a retreat from teaching one-sided progressive ideas.

What’s happening: The Florida College System Presidents (FCSP), which consists of 28 community colleges in the state, released a statement Wednesday that its institutions will no longer fund or support any teaching that “compels belief in critical race theory" and other concepts that may suppress free speech or intellectual freedom. Critical race theory may only be presented from an objective viewpoint and as one of many theories being taught during a lesson.

Background: Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has been attempting to end progressive indoctrination in Florida’s education system for over a year. In 2022, he passed the Stop WOKE Act, which prohibits colleges from teaching critical race theory but has since been blocked by a judge. DeSantis has also made it a requirement that public universities in Florida provide information on how much they spend on progressive, partisan education.

Why it matters: Limiting progressive ideologies in education has become a hot-button issue for Republican lawmakers, as reports showcase that this controversial material is popping up in classrooms across the country. The FCSP announcement is a win for Republicans in this fight and can show a path forward for other lawmakers attempting to rein in progressive education in their states.


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