62 Percent, Not 20 Percent, of Vote Counting Machines Malfunctioned in Maricopa County

There have been more developments since we covered the Arizona midterm election irregularities yesterday.

Previous reports said that 20 percent of tabulation machines or 60 locations in Maricopa County malfunctioned on election day despite being tested the day before. Poll workers then incorrectly instructed voters on how to cast their ballots and illegally handled the ballots, according to the attorney general's office.

The update: According to an affidavit from the Republican National Committee's Election Integrity program in Arizona, 62 percent of tabulation machines malfunctioned, significantly more than the previously reported 20 percent. They also reported that the significant lines caused by the delays constituted voter suppression, considering that Republicans outnumber Democrats as day-of voters.

Some counties delay certification: Because of the voting issues in Maricopa County, two rural counties in the state voted to delay certifying the Arizona election.

From Kari Lake: Though it’s unlikely the election will be overturned in her favor, the gubernatorial candidate who lost by a razor-thin margin made a statement this morning calling the election “broken” and an “assault on this democracy.” She said she would continue fighting until there was faith in the election.