According to a Leftist Election Organization, Marjorie Taylor Greene Shouldn't Be Allowed To Run For Reelection

Can't voters decide for themselves who they want to represent them?

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is appearing in court today as part of a lawsuit that aims to disqualify her from reelection.

Background: A case brought by Free Speech for People, a progressive election reform organization, is seeking to disqualify Greene from seeking her reelection. They claim that Greene helped facilitate the riot at the Capitol to overturn the election—and because of that—should not be allowed to run again.

Denying voters: Greene’s lawyer argues that the group wants to “deny the right to vote to the thousands of people in the 14th District of Georgia by having Greene removed from the ballot.” In many ways, he is correct. The group wants to prevent voters from electing their leaders.

The capitol riot: As we’ve covered thoroughly, the media exaggerated Jan 6. Two weeks ago, a J6 defendant was acquitted because security allowed them into the capitol. Dozens of others were in the same situation. Read more about our coverage of the capitol riot.