After a Wave of Cops Being Shot, NYC Moves To Secure City

One cop killed: Officer Jason Rivera, 22, and Officer Wilbert Mora, 27, were shot and killed last week while responding to a domestic disturbance call. The gunman was out on probation.

A wave: Another two cops were shot earlier in the week. 5 NYPD officers have been shot since the start of 2022. In response to the shootings, Mayor Adams asked the federal government to stop the flow of guns into the city.

"This was just not an attack on three brave officers… This was an attack on the city of New York” and “an attack on the children and families of this city," Mayor Adams said at a news conference.

Mayor doesn’t feel safe: After saying that the subway system wasn’t a concern, Mayor Adams recanted his statement, telling the press that he didn’t feel safe on the subway.

Plainclothes cops to return: The controversial police unit will return to specifically target gangs and guns.

Big picture: After cutting its police budget by $1 billion in 2020, New York City saw a 50% increase in murder rates. This trend has been seen across cities that adopted progressive criminal reform and defunded the police last year.

Mayor Adam’s actions are a departure from other mayors who refuse to acknowledge the problem and take action.

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