America More 'Permissive' of Child Sex-Changes Than All of Europe, Study Shows

Mounting evidence shows how radical the “trans kids” movement is in the United States from both a legal and medical standpoint.

Written by Hudson Crozier

What’s happening: Do No Harm, a  medical group “against identity politics,” released a study showing that the U.S., overall, is more "permissive" of child sex-changes than any nation in Europe, despite restrictions in some states.

Why it matters: Life-altering transgender procedures such as cross-sex hormones, puberty blockers, and mutilating surgeries weren’t mainstream for children until just a few years ago. In light of this, more and more experts are showing how sudden and radical the “trans kids” movement is in America compared to much of the West.

"The gender-affirming care model”: Not only does America allow children more legal access to these treatments than Europe, but American doctors follow more loose medical guidelines. Many nations reject the idea of “automatic” surrender to a child’s stated identity and call for “months-long psychotherapy sessions” before resorting to a gender transition, the study says.

Big picture: The ethical and ideological divide in America over child sex-changes will continue to drive political action in the coming months. Meanwhile, the growing presence of young “detransitioners” like Chloe Cole and Helena Kerschner is adding more anecdotal evidence to the debate.

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