When Americans Learn What Roe Is Really About, They No Longer Support It, Poll Finds

When Roe is posed as allowing late-term abortions, only 28% still support it.

A new poll released by The American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists (AAPLOG) reveals how Americans feel about abortion when questions are phrased with context about the abortion process.

The majority of Americans don’t actually support abortions.

  1. On Roe v. Wade: When posed through progressive terms as a constitutional right, 53% of participants said they support Roe v. Wade.

  2. On Roe v. Wade considering late-term abortion: When they learned that Roe allowed late-term abortions, despite unborn fetuses feeling pain at 14 weeks, only 28% still supported it.

  3. On heartbeat bills: When participants were asked if a fetus counts as a life when it has a heartbeat at six weeks and begins to move its eyes at 12 weeks, 59% said they support abortion bans if there is any indication of life.

It was clear that participants were switching positions once they had more context.  “These polls are really important as they show that people think once they’ve been educated,” AAPLOG CEO-elect Dr. Christina Francis, a board-certified OB/GYN, says about the poll.

Progressive phrasing of abortion has altered the public’s opinion on the topic by keeping human life and development out of the conversation. Going further, Planned Parenthood and abortion activists have fought to prevent ultrasound requirements for those seeking abortions—because ultrasounds introduce human life into decision-making.

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