Americans Don’t Trust Biden to Lead the World

Polls show voters prefer Trump on every major foreign policy issue

Written by Anthony Constantini

What’s happening: President Joe Biden promised to make America a world leader again during his 2020 campaign. Americans today don’t believe he has kept that promise. In 2020, 53 percent of voters were satisfied with America’s position in the world. Now, it’s 37 percent.

  • More numbers: Voters prefer former President Donald Trump on most foreign policy issues. A recent survey found voters prefer Trump 45 to 34 to handle Russia’s war against Ukraine. Trump scores 43 concerning the Israel-Hamas conflict, with Biden at 33.

Why it matters: Voters always prioritize the economy highly (one survey found foreign policy is the most important issue to only three percent of voters). Three percent, however, could be decisive in an extremely close election.

Ukraine: Trump was the first to give lethal weaponry to Ukraine kept a dialogue going between Ukraine and Russia. While Biden has been staunchly supportive of Ukraine, Americans are steadily turning against a blank-check policy.

Israel: It’s impossible to know whether Hamas would attack Israel if Trump were president. But Trump assassinated Iranian commander Qassem Solemani, one of the most powerful men in the Islamic Republic, which funds Hamas. Now, Hamas leaders are openly visiting Qatari hotels with little to no action from Biden.

The border: Many say the crisis at America’s borders has made every state a border state. Still, illegal immigration is a foreign policy issue. The Biden administration this year committed to finishing parts of Trump’s wall, and voters apparently see it as an admission that Trump was right.

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