With Pronouns Update, Apple Continues To Add Woke Features Without Letting Parents Opt Out

iPhone updates bear a significant cultural impact.

What’s happening: Apple's iOS 17 introduces a subtle yet significant update to its Contacts app, creating a new field for pronouns. The new feature was quietly incorporated into the recent software without any announcements, and it signifies Apple's internal commitment to gender ideology.

Recent progressivism from Apple: Apple recently created an emoji of a pregnant man, created to further the progressive idea that men can get pregnant too. The medical community has already accepted this idea, with one of the top medical resource websites asserting that “Yes, it’s possible for men to become pregnant and give birth to children of their own.”

Users want out: Apple continues to trend toward inclusive representation with a range of new emojis. Over the last few updates, the expanded selection of emojis has come to include gay couples, the pride flag, and bearded female faces. This has sparked a variety of responses, with hundreds of users requesting to opt their phones and those of their families out of the progressive emojis.

Why it matters? As nearly half of Americans engage with their social circle and the world at large through an iPhone, its updates make a significant cultural impact. The recent updates subtly embed and validate progressive ideologies into everyday digital communication, potentially shaping perceptions—especially those of children—amid ongoing ideological debates in America.

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