As Immigrants Bus Into Progressive Cities, Democrats Begin To See the Problem

The mayors of DC. and New York say the influx of illegal immigrants is burdening public institutions and are asking Biden for change.

Republican Governors in Texas and Arizona have changed their political strategy regarding the border crisis. Liberal politicians in New York and Washington, D.C. don’t like it.

What are their strategies? Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Arizona Gov. Ducey have sponsored bussing migrants from their states to Washington, D.C., and some have made it to New York City. Abbott used this issue to influence national policy, casting himself as a contrast to President Joe Biden’s immigration policy, claiming “every American community is a border community.”

Why the change in strategy? The border crisis is worse than ever as the Biden administration refuses to prosecute illegal immigrants and help fund the border states’ responses.

Democrats are getting the problem. In reaction to the bussing of thousands of asylum-seeking migrants to his city, New York City Mayor Eric Adams called upon the Biden administration to aid him in processing the migrants. Adams pleaded to Biden, stating that the city did not have the resources to deal with the surge of migrants, calling upon the president to “send additional federal resources immediately” so the city can handle the overflow.” Alongside Adams, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser complained and faulted the federal government for the surge into their cities.

Big picture: Both Democrats, Mayor Muriel Bowser and Mayor Eric Adams, are saying that the influx of illegal immigrants is burdening public institutions in their respective domains—a long-held problem acknowledged by Republicans. The situation could signal a common ground between liberal and conservative voters to prioritize an immigration policy of “law and order.”

The issue of immigration and crime will likely play a vital role in the midterm elections this November.

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