The Associated Press Is Now A Political Weapon

Let’s dive in: The Associated Press (A.P.) is among the most influential media outlets in the world for its massive audience and “fact-checking” role on social media. In light of a recent A.P. “fact check” that was debunked by Upward News, it’s worth identifying the people shaping this institution.

Catch up: The A.P. editor who authored the fact check — and who writes most others — previously worked at the media rating website Newsguard. The company, funded by the Department of State and the Pentagon, works to divert readers and advertisers from “unreliable” websites. The editor once targeted Upward News with a fact check that reduced our social media reach.

But there’s more: The A.P. is governed by board members with deep ties to left-wing advocacy, censorship, and government initiatives.

Who pays for the A.P.? Groups that promote transgenderism, Supreme Court packing, climate initiatives, and race-based advocacy have heavily donated to the A.P. Some sponsorships are used for explicitly political goals such as covering “the intersection of race and voting.”

Why it matters: The A.P. has merged with the same political forces that journalists once held accountable. Meanwhile, its age-old reputation as an “independent” news source ensures its continued influence.