Battleground Voters Aren't Woke When It Comes to Education, Poll Finds

Photo by CDC / Unsplash

A recent poll surveyed battleground states found that voters overwhelmingly agree with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis's approach to education: removing progressive influence through legislation.

By a 32-point margin, voters want candidates who believe schools should focus less on race and more on core subjects.

By a 27-point margin, voters believe schools should be banned from teaching sexual orientation and gender identity to children between kindergarten and third grade. Gov. Ron DeSantis legislated this with his “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

By a 28-point margin, voters believe biologically-male transgender athletes shouldn’t be allowed to compete against girls.

By a 22-point margin, voters want politicians who say schools must stop “grooming” students by teaching LGBTQ+ ideology and encouraging children to question their sexual identity.

Big picture: When it comes to the culture war, education, and children, conservatives are overwhelmingly on the right side in battleground states.


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