Biden To Expand Solar Energy During Gas Crisis

One of Biden’s goals is to shift America away from fossil fuels and toward green energy. Following that goal, Biden is using federal powers to increase solar panel stock in the country.

Biden will:

  • Remove tariffs on solar panels from Asian countries for two years. Imports were stalled from these countries because of a probe investigating whether China was funneling its solar panels through these countries.

  • Invoke the Defense Production Act to expand American solar panel manufacturing, along with building insulation, heat pumps, and power grid infrastructure.

For Ukraine? “With a stronger clean energy arsenal, the United States can be an even stronger partner to our allies, especially in the face of Putin’s war in Ukraine,” the White House said.

A real problem is gas hitting five dollars a gallon. As this approaches, the Biden Administration is using federal powers to follow his green energy roadmap—one of the reasons why gas prices are so high in the first place. OPEC+ agreed to produce more oil ahead of a Biden meeting, but that decision has not lowered prices.

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