Biden Profited from his Family’s Influence-Peddling

“This summer, Joe Biden said, ‘Where’s the money?’” the House Oversight Committee’s chairman remarked. “Well, we found some.”

Written by Hudson Crozier

Revealed: President Joe Biden’s brother, James, sent him money in 2018 on the same day a U.S. company paid James with the expectation that “his last name could open doors,” according to court and bank records obtained by the House Oversight Committee.

Why it matters: This story adds to a larger picture of influence peddling by members of the Biden family, along with testimony and emails indicating the president was knowingly involved in selling the family “brand.” More importantly, it refutes the claim that Joe Biden never directly benefitted from his family’s dealings.

Background: James was sued last year over his financial dealings with Americore, a struggling hospital operator that went bankrupt. The CEO and other executives said that James promised to bring Americore connections and cash flow based on his status as a Biden. The investments never came through.

  • The payment to James: Americore paid James to use “his last name” to “open doors” for the company and “obtain a large investment from the Middle East based on his political connections,” according to the lawsuit, which James settled last year.

  • The payment to Joe: The day that Americore paid James $200,000, James sent $200,000 directly to Joe Biden. James recorded it as a “loan repayment” to his brother.

The bigger picture: The first family’s business dealings — spanning Joe Biden’s vice presidency and beyond — are now the topic of a House impeachment inquiry as Republicans seek to prove it improperly influenced his leadership.

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