Biden's Continued Commitment To Supporting Sex Changes for Minors

What did they do? With the “Commemorating International Transgender Day of Visibility,” Biden and progressive factions within the government outlined political action plans designed to strike down conservative state laws restricting what’s known as “gender-affirming” medical care.

The Biden administration’s measures included:

  • Defending transgender children’s access to “gender-affirming” medical treatment

  • Pushing new LGBT curriculum and in-school materials

  • Making government agencies add the gender marker “X” to their identification systems

  • Reinforcing federal protections for transgender children

Why did they do this? Biden and the Democratic Party are refocusing their political agenda to prioritize and promote transgenderism amongst children. This is likely in response to conservative governors like Florida’s Ron DeSantis, who has heavily restricted doctors from providing transgender surgeries to children. Biden has vocally opposed these moves and has gone so far as to defend the transgender practices of hormonal injections and surgical mutilation of children, calling them “crucial to overall health and well-being.”

Actions abroad: Biden’s State Department plans to push its agenda “across foreign policy and foreign assistance lines of effort” and classify countries that do not accept widespread sex changes for children as “human rights abusers.”

It’s controversial. “Gender-affirming” care practices are untested waters. The Biden administration’s push of trans ideology and procedures onto children might ultimately end in minors receiving irreversible and harmful hormone treatments and sex changes.

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