Biden's Executive Order Mandates LGBT In Schools

Originally enacted to increase equality between men's and women's education, Title IX will now require schools to provide "supportive measures" for LGBT students.

Last Thursday, President Joe Biden announced his intentions to “advance equality for LGBT+ Individuals” by signing an executive order which amends the guidelines of Title IX—the civil rights law that prohibits sex-based discrimination.

Biden’s executive order will:

  • Require that schools train employees to end discrimination against women and LGBT.

  • Prevent school programs from barring children from participating in school programs due to “gender identity.”

  • Requires that schools provide “supportive measures” for LGBT students.

Transgender participation in sports is in question. The executive order expands various civil protections for LGBT children and includes federal protections for transgenders in sports. It will likely accompany legal challenges by conservatives, as several states have passed state-wide bans from men participating in women’s sports.

In context. This order is another step in expanding LGBT ideology among younger audiences, notably in schools. Last week, Biden approved new guidelines that expanded the LGBT+ curriculum and children’s access to sex changes.

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