Biden’s Seemingly Intentional Border Crisis

Written by Anthony Cash

What’s happening: President Joe Biden is not only refusing to enforce U.S. immigration law normally but might end up blocking Texas from protecting its borders in response — making the crisis look ever more intentional.

  • Selling the wall: Biden has auctioned off pieces of the U.S.-Mexico border wall after he refused to finish it. His administration has left hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of parts unused.

  • No wall for Arizona: Former Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey placed shipping crates at the border to fill gaps left in the southern border wall but withdrew them after the Biden administration sued.

  • Cutting down razor wire: Under orders from Biden, border agents have reportedly been cutting razor wire that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott used to stop migrants from crossing the border. A video shows agents watching migrants flow into the country after cutting the wire.

  • Leaving the waters open: The Biden administration is also suing Texas for putting strings of buoys in the Rio Grande to keep migrants from swimming over.

Why it matters: Intelligence agencies fear that terrorists and foreign spies are taking advantage of the open border, and fentanyl from Mexico continues to kill countless Americans. An estimated 210,000 illegal migrants will be apprehendedthis month alone, overwhelming cities across the country and costing taxpayers tens of billions of dollars.

  • What voters are saying: Voters, including some Democrats, are increasingly favoring stricter border measures. Sixty-two percent of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of immigration, with only 33 percent approving.

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