New Bipartisan Gun Control Bill Increases Background Checks, Incentivizes Red Flag Laws

A committee of 10 Republicans and 10 Democrat senators finally reached an agreement on a bipartisan gun safety bill. Both Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell announced support for the bill. What will it do?

More background checks for gun buyers between 18 and 21. The bill aims to incentify states to unseal juvenile criminal records and add more days to the gun-buying waiting period. States can decide on their own if they want to share juvenile records.

Prevents people convicted of domestic abuse from owning a gun. With the legislation, those who keep a clean record for five years would have their gun rights restored.

Incentivizes states to adopt red flag laws. Instead of forcing states to do so, the legislation offers states money to pass red flag laws—which could facilitate the removal of people’s gun rights without due process. They could also be used as political weapons.

But the mainstream media is not covering a couple of things. The bill has a lot of vague language making that makes it more conducive to preventing gun access. It also gives the FBI $100 million worth of funding to expand its background check program.

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