Border Apprehensions Soar Even During Winter Months

US border officials encountered over 164,000 illegal immigrants in February, seven percent more than in January.

Background: Historically, arrivals during the winter months slow down, but the number of migrants stopped by authorities at the southern border increased from January to February.

The numbers: US border officials encountered illegal immigrants 164,000+ times in February, seven percent more than in January.

  • Three-in-four immigrants were adults.

  • 12,000+ were children traveling alone.

  • 26,000+ were part of a family.

  • 73,000+ were taken into custody.

Do apprehensions mean they were prevented from coming into the country? No. Federal law enforcement released tens of thousands of illegal immigrants into the country, even though the current pandemic policy requires them to be turned away.

Compared to Trump: In March 2020, encounters at the southern border hit a historic low of 20,000. As mentioned earlier, this February so 164,000+ encounters.

Why under Biden: Biden attempted to halt deportations, suspended border wall construction, and promised to eliminate policies that make illegal immigration harder. As a result, migrants feel more optimistic about crossing under Biden than Trump.

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