Boston Children’s Hospital Has Been Promoting Sex Changes to Kids for Years

The hospital has a series of videos promoting chest reconstruction and other gender-related surgeries for children.

What exactly did Boston Children’s Hospital do? Last week, after receiving much backlash, Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) erased all traces of one of its videos titled “What happens during a gender-affirming hysterectomy?” The video featured child-gynecologist Frances Grimstad, who, in the archived video, promoted the surgical carving and removal of a woman’s uterus and other reproductive organs.

This is not an isolated incident. Grimstad’s video was part of a series of 90 YouTube videos to reach children and promote the surgeries BCH offers. For years, the children’s hospital has advertised to children and families, promoting:

  • The injection of large doses of hormones to suppress menstruation in young girls and testosterone in underage boys.

  • Chest reconstruction and breast augmentation for children 15 years old or older.

  • The surgical mutilation of children starting at 17 years old (raised to 18 this week).

Why this matters: More than ever, children are key targets in a marketing campaign promoting transgender ideology. Increasingly, leftist-funded advertising campaigns are reaching children, which promote mutilation, sterilization, and chemical castration. These campaigns have resulted in a sharp rise in the number of transgender individuals, as now more than 1.4 million Americans reportedly identify as transgender—the largest share being among ages 13 through 19.

Zoom out: As a result of the growing discussion surrounding transgenderism, individuals who were influenced by marketing campaigns like BCH’s are increasingly speaking out. In a growing counter-offensive marketing campaign called the “Detransition Movement,” formerly-transgender individuals are warning children of their regret regarding their decision to gender transition.