How a California Teen Received Sex Change Surgery Against His Father’s Will

Written by Hudson Crozier

What’s happening: Ted Hudacko, the father of a boy who underwent sex change surgery without his knowledge and in violation of a custody agreement, is asking a California court to hold his ex-wife and others in contempt.

Why it matters: Hudacko’s story serves as a case study of a legal system that strips the rights of parents who refuse to raise their children as transgender. From the beginning, Hudacko has been powerless against a radical judge who supports transitioning children with experimental, life-altering procedures.

How we got here: Judge Joni Hiramoto had allowed Hudacko’s ex-wife to transition their son as long as “no surgery” was involved. However, in 2021, the teenager had a puberty-blocking drug surgically implanted. When Hudacko objected, Hiramoto awarded full custody to the ex-wife, and Hudacko has not been allowed to see his son in over three years.

  • Openly biased: Hiramoto has provided educational training for attorneys to fight on behalf of trans-”affirming” parents. Before revoking Hudacko’s parental rights, she challenged his personal beliefs about gender by asking, “If your son … believed himself to be the Queen of England, would you love him?”

Newsom’s agenda: California’s attorney general, appointed by Gov. Gavin Newsom, is suing to allow schools to hide students’ gender transitions from parents. This comes after Newsom signed a bill making California a “sanctuary state” for adults who break other states’ laws against transitioning children. This bill also makes it more likely for parents like Hudacko to lose custody of their children.