New California Curriculum Teaches Marxism and Antisemitism To Children

California's new school curriculum includes critical race theory among other divisive, ideological teachings.

“It is morally indecent and deeply offensive to learn that this distorted narrative is being held up by the State of California as a model … [I]t will inflict great harm on millions of students in our state.”

- Clarence Jones, Martin Luther King Jr.’s speechwriter

Activism Camouflaged as Education

Many of the 18 individuals writing the new curriculum are Critical Race Theory advocates. They call themselves scholar-activists.

All 13 founding members of the Critical Ethnic Studies Association are BDS activists; BDS being an Antisemitic movement disguised as anti-Israel. Its ultimate goal is the destruction of Israel.

It's Critical Race Theory Brainwash

The curriculum would:

“Critique empire and its relationship to white supremacy, racism, patriarchy, cisheteropatriarchy, capitalism, ableism … and other forms of power and oppression,”

It teaches the following are forms of "power and oppression:"- Capitalism- Classism- Patriarchy- Ableism- Racism

But they choose not to mention antisemitism. Jewish Americans aren't even mentioned as a minority. Why? The BDS advocates authors don't only hate Israel, Capitalism, and America--they're antisemitic.

Seattle adopted a similar curriculum. Math teachers now ask the following questions:

“Identify how math has been and continues to be used to oppress and marginalize people and communities of color.”

“Analyze the ways in which ancient mathematical knowledge has been appropriated by Western culture.”

The Curriculum Praises Violence

The curriculum lists influential people of colors. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., John Lewis, or Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall did not make the cut.

While those above weren't included, many violent revolutionaries were. One example being the murderous Pol Pot, communist leader of Cambodia. A quarter of the Cambodian population perished because of him, yet the new curriculum includes a flattering description of him.

Take it From Those Who Survived Communism

Three hundred immigrants who escaped and survived the communist USSR signed a letter addressed to Gov. Newsom and other state branches:

“We escaped a Marxist-socialist system and its associated tyranny and oppression. Never could we have imagined that, decades later, the same ideology and concepts that we escaped, would show up in, of all places ... the California Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum.”

They say this because of the excessive Marxist ideas and code words included in the curriculum. For example "truer democracy", a term used by Marx to push for the abolition of private property. Take it from those who lived it. This isn't something you brush off.

It's Antisemitic and Anti-Israel

Here's a description of prewar Zionism from the curriculum. It's a classic Antisemitic trope.

“The Jews have filled the air with their cries and lamentations in an effort to raise funds and American Jews, as is well known, are the richest in the world.”

The curriculum legitimizes the BDS movement by including it among a list of historic U.S social movements. It's described as a "global social movement that currently aims to establish freedom for Palestinians living under apartheid conditions.” That's a lie. It also aims to paint the Israeli-Jews in the same light as racist regimes like South Africa.

Under the curriculum, Jews are the only group of people who have "privilege."

"And this privilege is not earned by way of talent, or educational and professional attainment, but rather trickery. The ESMC, echoing Nazi propaganda about Jews as impostors and appropriators hiding in plain sight, points out that American Jews often change their names (“this practice of name-changing continues to the present day”) to change their rank in the social hierarchy." - Emily Benedek, Tablet Mag.

Students will be taught about Jewish privilege without teaching about Antisemitism. Because Antisemitism and the even the Holocaust isn't mentioned in the curriculum, Jews are portrayed in a way that Hitler would've loved : powerful, greedy, and deceitful.

The Holocaust isn't mentioned because it's supposed to be covered in World History.

But some counties are replacing World History with this curriculum, essentially replacing Holocaust education with Antisemitic Marxist propaganda.

Education In California Already Sucks

  • Only one-third of California fourth graders were reading-proficient in 2019.

  • Only 25% of California students had basic reading skills in 2019.

  • 40% of the 26 lowest performing school districts in the nation belonged to CA.

Parents, teachers, students, and advocates sued CA in 2017 for bringing down the nation in terms of literacy and basic education. In 2020, the state was forced to pay $53 million to improve basic literacy.


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