Canada Begins Loosening Vaccine Mandates as Freedom Convoy Blocks U.S.-Canada Border

What happened: In addition to shutting down traffic in Ottawa, the Canadian Freedom Convoy has blocked an entry point of the U.S.-Canada border in Montana.

Non-compliance: Local authorities have attempted to negotiate with the truckers to stop the blockade, but they have not yielded. The police in Alberta said the event was “unlawful.”

Towing companies refuse to cooperate with police: According to some reports, towing companies in the area do not want to get involved and have turned down requests from authorities.

Possible escalations: Yesterday, the Ottawa police chief said the military might be called in to end the protests. Today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has clarified that using the military is “not in the cards right now.”

Success? Canada is starting to drop some of its pandemic restrictions.

  • Quebec canceled a proposed tax on the unvaccinated.

  • Saskatchewan vaccine requirement wouldn’t continue after February.

  • Alberta Premier Jason Kenney said that he’s optimistic that the vaccine passport system could be removed before March. Officials in Alberta are pushing to end their vaccine passport program.

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