Canada's Descent Into Authoritarianism & Why It Matters for Americans

The tactics used by Canada are on par with anti-dissent strategies used by China and Russia, yet Canada is labeled as a “free democracy.”

Canada's descent into Authoritarianism

The photographer who took this photo, Alex Kent, was arrested by Ottawa police.

First, why this story matters: Every step of the way, the American establishment–the government and media–encouraged and defended Canada's actions. This shows us a blueprint for how America will deal with future peaceful protests–not just chaotic events like Jan 6–from the American right: bank freezes, asset seizures, violence, arresting journalists.

Background: On Friday, the Canadian regime drastically intensified its efforts to clear Freedom Convoy protestors in Ottawa. This escalation comes after police attempted to disperse the crowds by seizing financial assets, warning of arrest, and threatening to seize the pets of protestors.

  • The Freedom Convoy has been unique in its ability to maintain peace. There has been no looting, violence, or other acts of severe aggression.

Government violence: Police rode on horseback through a crowd of peaceful protestors, trampling at least two in the process. A leaked group chat involving the Royal Canadian Mounted Police shows the mounted horseback unit was excited to use force against the demonstrators.

  • The Canadian government justified the police violence by claiming that the demonstrators were violent.

No journalists allowed: Ottawa threatened to arrest journalists present at the police crackdown.

  • On Saturday, a journalist was beaten by police with a baton and shot at point-blank range with a tear gas round.

Tracking down peaceful protestors: The interim Ottawa Police Chief said that those who attended the friendly Freedom Convoy would be tracked down and investigated for months to come.

- "If you are involved in this protest, we will actively look to identify you and follow up with financial sanctions and criminal charges.”

Financially targeting families: Families of freedom protestors have reported difficulty with banks and financial institutions. This comes as the Canadian government tracks protestors and works with banks to freeze and seize assets.

  • The Ottawa mayor also lobbied to sell seized vehicles from the protests to pay for costs incurred by the city.

Keeping emergency powers: The Canadian government announced that some of the governmental powers used to seize financial assets and stop crowdfunding efforts, which were just created through the Emergencies Act, will be made permanent.

  • Police set up a hundred checkpoints in downtown Ottawa to restrict movement.

Big picture: The Freedom Convoy, a uniquely peaceful demonstration against the Canadian government's overreach, has been met with authoritarian measures led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The tactics used by Canada are on par with anti-dissent strategies used by China and Russia but are encouraged by "liberal democracies" like the United States.

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