Case Study: Woke Transgender Policies in Women’s Prisons

A male rapist that moved to a Washington women’s prison still identifies as a man, inmates say.

Written by Hudson Crozier

The story: Brett Sonia was convicted in 2005 and 2006 on dozens of charges for the continual sexual abuse of a 13-year-old girl. Sometime past July 2020, he was transferred to Washington Correctional Center for Women after beginning to identify as transgender, according to an investigation by Reduxx.

Why it happened: Sonia, who began to identify as a woman after being incarcerated, complained of “male aggression” from inmates and lacked various “gender-affirming” resources. A federal judge called him a “vulnerable, transgender female inmate” and he was eventually granted transfer.

Why it matters: Several states have adopted the unprecedented policy of allowing males who identify as female into women’s prisons, and stories like these show how dangerous men are cynically exploiting it. In a system ruled by ideology, they are seen as victims whose demands must be prioritized over the safety of victimized women.

Female inmates are afraid: Multiple female inmates have confirmed that Sonia “identifies as a man sometimes” and has “no makeup or feminine characteristics.” The women, many of whom are survivors of male abuse, have advised one another to “stay away” from Sonia and avoid visiting the bathroom alone.

One of many: The female inmates say there are at least eight men at the prison, many of whom “are having sex with women” in the facility. Women hesitate to report threatening incidents involving men because it “causes an uproar” and “they are always claiming to be targeted” for being transgender.

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