CDC To Use $85 Million To Pressure Schools To Adopt LGBT Groups

Written by Hudson Crozier

The agenda: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is funding a grant program that awards up to $350,000 to schools that promote Gender and Sexuality Alliance or Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) groups for students.

Eligibility requirements: In addition to hosting GSAs, the CDC requires that schools provide “inclusive curricula” and ways for teachers to “recognize and challenge” any “normative beliefs” they may have about sexuality and gender identity. It also encourages granting bathroom and locker room access based on students’ chosen genders.

What GSA clubs do: While promoting “inclusion” of children’s LGBT identities, these clubs introduce students to the broader narrative of identity politics, “intersectionality,” and the “systems of oppression” found in white, capitalist, Western society. One activity requires a child to identify their place on a list describing “groups with systemic power (privilege)” and “groups with less or no systemic power (oppressed).” It tells the child how to help their minority peers who are “impacted” by the “white supremacy” or “patriarchy” they may benefit from.

Hiding from parents: If a student’s parents are “unsupportive of trans and queer youth,” leaders of GSAs are told not to inform them of their child’s participation in the club unless “required” by law.

Big picture: GSA has clubs in over 4,000 U.S. schools across 40 states and is a leading force in the movement to indoctrinate students into progressivism, often against the wishes of parents. The CDC’s grant shows that the organization has the support of the federal government.

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