The CDC and the U.N. Funded Efforts To Censor, Report Vaccine-Skeptic Doctors

The CDC worked with groups to censor vaccine hesitancy and other “misinformation,” even from medical professionals.

By Joanna Button

What’s going on: Last week, The Epoch Times reported that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the United Nations worked with pro-vaccine groups to smear professionals on social media who questioned COVID-19 vaccines and promoted alternative treatments.

Underhanded tactics: Two groups, Shots Heard and Team Halo, are home to many pro-vaccine social media influencers with significant followings and share the goal of preventing the spread of COVID “misinformation.” These influencers monitored social media to get health professionals’ accounts removed and licenses revoked for criticizing the vaccine or prescribing ivermectin. Team Halo even has an agreement with TikTok allowing them to harass other users without repercussions.

Follow the money: Team Halo was founded by the United Nations during the pandemic. Shots Heard is financed by The Public Good Projects (PGP), a nonprofit that specializes in “large-scale media monitoring programs.” The PGP also runs the Public Health Communications Collaborative (PHCC)—which is funded by the CDC Foundation, the CDC’s nonprofit branch. The PHCC puts out “Misinformation Alerts” and has used social media influencers (like those in the aforementioned groups) to help “debunk” and report “misinformation.”

Lack of accountability: As the pandemic has subsided and studies on the virus and vaccines have taken place, theories that were deemed misinformation by the mainstream media and organizations like the CDC during the pandemic are proving to hold water after all. Yet no one is being held accountable for censoring those who spoke critically of vaccines and pandemic measures.

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