The Chatter About Michelle Obama

Is the former First Lady going to replace Biden?

What’s happening: Biden's poll numbers are plummeting as the mainstream media questions his cognitive ability after a special report described the 81 year old's memory as “significantly limited.”

  • Enter Michelle: Amid calls to replace Biden on the Democratic ticket, Michelle Obama's name is being floated as a likely presidential nominee to ensure a win for the left in November.

Between the lines: Michelle Obama, once named the “most admired” woman in the U.S., is one of few individuals believed to have the potential to beat Donald Trump.

  • Exit Kamala: Vice President Kamala Harris, would normally be considered Biden’s natural successor due to her position, but she struggles with declining support and is not considered as safe a choice as the former First Lady.

  • Rebrand: Since leaving the White House, Michelle Obama has achieved a celebrity status through efforts such as a nationwide tour to promote her bestselling books and features in Life magazine.

Why it matters: Barack Obama is the only president to stay in Washington D.C. after leaving the White House, and has remained influential within the DNC. With Biden’s presidency effectively seen as a third Obama term, a Michelle Obama presidency would likely end up as a fourth.

  • The timeline: The deadline to replace Biden as the nominee would be around two weeks after the Democratic National Convention at the end of August.

Denial: Former Obama campaign manager David Axelrod argues Michelle Obama “was never interested in a political life” and is therefore not seeking the presidency.

  • However: Neither Michelle or Barack Obama have confirmed or denied the rumors, but speculation continues to grow on the right as the likelihood of a capable Joe Biden running for re-election appears ever less likely.