Conservatives Targeted by Violent Leftist Group in Loudon County

The Loudoun County school board controversy continues to shed light on the powerful voices backing progressivism in schools.

By Hudson Crozier

The scoop: A leftist group in Northern Virginia hosted an online group chat discussing plans of violence and harassment against conservatives in Loudoun County to protect the school board from political fallout after a rape scandal, according to an investigation by The Daily Wire. The group, “Loudon Love Warriors,” included several individuals connected to activist groups and local Democratic political campaigns.

Catch up: In 2021, a boy wearing a skirt raped a girl in the girls’ restroom of a Loudoun County school just before the school district was set to vote on a transgender bathroom policy. The district staged an elaborate cover-up, signed off on the policy, and transferred the rapist to another school, where he sexually assaulted another girl. The resulting outrage was an electoral disaster for Democrats, which these activists hoped to thwart by any means necessary.

What the group chat showed: Members of the group made a list of 115 “bigots” to target, mostly ordinary citizens critical of the school board. They tracked the whereabouts of some residents, called two employers to try and get people fired for their views, and repeatedly expressed a desire to assault or kill whoever they considered anti-LGBTQ. County authorities are now investigating the threats found in the chat.

“If he had said that s*** about black kids or autistic kids I would shoot him,” said one chat member regarding a school board protester who quoted a Bible verse. “People get ended for less than that … His life needs to be PERMANENTLY disassembled.”

Where was law enforcement? Police violently arrested Scott Smith, the father of the first Loudon County rape victim, for talking aggressively toward the school board at a meeting. The National School Boards Association then asked the federal government to conduct a “domestic terrorism” probe into school board protests, citing a handful of arrests, including Smith’s, and several nonviolent incidents. The Department of Justice quickly obliged and mobilized the FBI to track parents.

Why it matters: The chain of events following the Loudon County scandal continues to shed light on the powerful forces backing progressivism in schools. Parents who demanded separate bathrooms for males and females faced the threat of violence, targeted harassment, arrest, or federal investigation.