Critical Race Theory, Explained By Left-Leaning Media

Written by Hudson Crozier

Critical race theory, originating as a branch of Marxist "Critical Theory," is often falsely considered less radical than its opponents think. Although we have repeatedly cataloged its effects in policy, the radicalism of CRT is evident even in theory. This is acknowledged not only by conservative outlets or pundits but even the mainstream media.

Doctrines of racial essentialism, collectivism, "equity" over equality, and historical revisionism are central to CRT. Not even the media disputes it.

The New York Times: "Critical race theorists reject the philosophy of 'colorblindness.'"

Meaning: We cannot afford to be colorblind because America itself is not. To ignore race is to endorse our racist society.

Vox: "[CRT scholars have] stated that every analysis of the law should be grounded in historical context, arguing that 'racism has contributed to all contemporary manifestations of group advantage and disadvantage along racial lines, including differences in income, imprisonment, health, housing, education, political representation, and military service.'"

Meaning: Every individual's status in society can be attributed to their position in a racial hierarchy, not to anything else.

Guardian: "CRT argues that racism is not a matter of individual bigotry but a systemic issue that creates an uneven playing field for people of colour."

Meaning: The problem of racism is not merely behavior or beliefs commonly understood as racist that make society more racist. America is racist by default, and the problem of racism is out of our hands.

The Texas Tribune: "Critical race theory says that racism is inherent in our institutions and structures of governance. It’s ordinary, and it’s baked into all our consciousnesses in complex ways through our education, government, the media, and our participation in systems."

Meaning: Participating in American institutions is contributing to racism. Demolishing them is the only solution.

CNN: "[Critical race theorists] believe that American institutions are racist and that people are privileged or oppressed because of their race."

Meaning: No black person is ever more privileged than any white person unless they somehow benefit from white supremacy, and no white person can avoid being oppressive within our systems.

BBC: "There's a cartoon that circulates among critical race theory supporters showing children, one tall and one short, trying to peer over a fence to watch a baseball game. Equality, the illustration explains, is giving children the same sized box to stand on - with one child still unable to see over the obstacle. Equity, on the other hand, gives the shortest child the most boxes, so that everyone can see the field. The idea of equity is to provide more to those who are perceived to have the greatest disadvantage in order to achieve better equality of outcome and to compensate for the historical wrongs of discrimination and systemic racism."

Meaning: Black Americans should be compensated for evils that weren't committed to them personally, and whites should be penalized for evils they never personally committed. An ideal system discriminates based on race.

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