What Will Democrats Do If Trump Wins Again?

What’s happening: Democrats are all-in on their campaign theme, portraying former President Donald Trump as a likely dictator who might end democracy if he regains power. What will they do to prevent this? Look no further than the radical, Biden-affiliated discussions that occurred ahead of the last presidential election.

Meet the players: A group of current and former government officials, campaign leaders, and think tank experts used “war games” in mid-2020 to prepare for dramatic scenarios involving Trump.

  • What they predicted: The “bipartisan” group Transition Integrity Project (TIP) predicted that a contested election could lead to a constitutional crisis and even bloodshed — justifying extreme responses to the threat of Trump.

  • No holds barred: TIP concluded that “this may well be a street fight, not a legal battle” and “technocratic solutions, courts, and a reliance on elites observing norms are not the answer here.”

The Biden Confederacy: In one scenario, John Podesta, formerly part of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, pretended to be Joe Biden encouraging blue states to threaten secession if Trump won. TIP said Democrats might resort to such illegal strategies “out of perceived self-defense.” Podesta is now a senior adviser to the president on environmental policy.

Why it matters: The liberal establishment considers Trump guilty of a violent “insurrection” and a bigger threat than before. Via ballot challenges, the left revealed its willingness to interfere with democracy to “save it.” The belief that Trump could destroy America as we know it has the potential to inspire limitless zeal to stop him.