Democrats Don’t Want Biden

What’s happening: President Biden isn’t just struggling with independents. Cracks in the Democrat coalition are beginning to show, and the president is facing startling weaknesses even in the Party’s base.

  • Black voters: A recent poll showed Biden polling at 71 percent among black voters in six key battleground states.

  • Arab voters: Another found Arab support sitting at just 17 percent — a staggering 42-point drop from 2020.

  • Voters under 30: Numerous recent polls show Biden virtually tied with Trump among voters under the age of 30.

Biden’s Israel challenge: The Democrat Party is fracturing at both the elite and grassroots levels over the issue of Israel-Palestine, pitting the pro-Israel wing (represented by Biden and the party establishment) against a newer anti-Israel coalition (comprised of progressives, social justice activists, and campus groups).

Close to home: Now, those internal divisions are evident within the Biden White House itself. More than 500 staffers in the administration across some 40 different agencies recently signed an open letter calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.

  • There’s more: The move came on the heels of a different open letter calling for a ceasefire signed by more than 1,000 employees at USAID, a foreign assistance agency reporting with a dotted line to the State Department.

Problems in the base: Enthusiasm for Biden among rank-and-file Democrat voters is at all-time lows. “The voters don’t want this,” Democrat strategist James Carville recently said. “And that’s in poll after poll after poll.”

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