DeSantis Hones In On Democrat Prosecutors And Judges

Democratic critics derided Florida’s move to consolidate court districts as “judicial gerrymandering.”

Written by David Zimmermann

What’s happening: Allies of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis are reportedly trying to get fewer Democratic prosecutors and judges elected in the state. In June, the Florida Supreme Court created a commission to review, and possibly redraw, the state’s judicial circuits. The appointed committee will report its findings and determine whether the number of Florida courts should be reduced.

Why it matters: Under the guidance of the conservative court’s commission, it’s likely that courts in specific counties will be cut down. This would impact judicial elections, limiting the role of progressive judges and prosecutors in the state’s judicial system.

  • Nationally: At least 17 states have introduced bills that would curb the power of progressive prosecutors. Some would prohibit them from refusing to charge certain offenses and other bills add checks to make it easier to remove problematic prosecutors.

Catch up: This comes as DeSantis already fired two George Soros-funded attorneys for refusing to prosecute certain crimes. Despite Democratic backlash, the governor continues to crack down on progressive officials who are soft on crime in his state.

Zoom out: This strategy would address not only the issue of soft-on-crime policies but also left-leaning courts that render biased decisions against political opponents. By restructuring the state’s legal system, DeSantis wants to ensure the progressive approach to the law won’t happen in Florida.