DeSantis's War: Stopping Sex Changes For Kids

At the start of “Pride Month,” Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced his intentions to fight against the Democrat policies regarding transition care for transgender youths.

Desantis is:

  • Banning Medicaid coverage for transgender procedures.

  • Exposing the dangers of transitioning procedures for all ages and providing alternatives to the practices.

  • Heavily-restricting doctors from providing transgender surgeries to children.

What is transition care? It's the use of puberty blockers, hormone injections, and/or gender-reassignment surgery on children experiencing gender dysphoria. Such gender-reassignment surgeries often include genital mutilation and the surgical removal of children’s reproductive organs.

The Left celebrates transition care for minors. The Democratic Party has championed such damaging medical procedures for children as a call for acceptance of LGBTQ+ ideology. President Joe Biden has encouraged doctors to practice these "gender-affirming" procedures on children, calling them “crucial to overall health and well-being.”

There are more transgender children than ever because of the promotion of progressive gender ideology. Eighteen percent of Americans who identify as transgender are 13-17 and a stark 3% of youth in New York now identify as transgender.

Desantis’s actions to fight progressive indoctrination have been popular. Parents overwhelmingly supported his Parental Rights in Education Act, which prohibited teachers from teaching sexual identity to children, by 67% to 24%.

The big picture: Transgender ideology was viewed as “harmful” as recently as a decade ago but is now normalized and encouraged for children—even the permanent sex changes. DeSantis is fighting this movement.