Disney Will Give Kids More LGBT Content

Background: Disney CEO Bob Chapek was pressured into speaking out against Florida’s H.B. 1557, the bill dubbed as "Don't Say Gay” by critics. Disney employees staged a walkout to protest the bill and Chapek's weak condemnation.

The bill: We covered the bill in detail here. It doesn’t mention the word “gay” and limits teachers from teaching students in kindergarten to third grade about sexual orientation and gender identity. More Americans support the bill than oppose it by a 16-point margin.

LGBT task force: In response to the backlash and Disney's internal strife, Bob Chapek announced a new LGBT task force with the following objectives:

  • Guarantee Disney is a “force for good” for LGBT children and adults

  • Guarantee that Disney is a “force for good” for LGBT children

  • Create more LGBT content for children

  • Pause political contributions in Florida

  • Contribute to a campaign against Texas's executive order that declares child sex changes as “child abuse.”

Big picture: Left-wing employees and activists still have a stronghold over large corporations. Even though more Americans approve of HB 1557 than disapprove, Bob Chapek was pressured into pushing Disney in a radically progressive direction.

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