Intelligence Official Says U.S. Has Alien Aircraft. Is It Believable?

A former intelligence official alleges that the U.S. has hidden the retrievals of UAPs for decades.

What’s happening: David Charles Grusch, a former intelligence official turned whistleblower, has reportedly given Congress and the intelligence community inspector general extensive classified information regarding covert programs that have successfully retrieved intact and partially intact non-human-originated craft.

The details: Grusch says the government, its allies, and defense contractors have been recovering partial fragments and even intact vehicles of non-human origin for decades. He also asserted that based on the structure of the vehicles and the results of material science testing, these recovered objects exhibit unique atomic arrangements and radiological signatures, marking them as of exotic, non-human intelligence—be it extraterrestrial or of an unknown origin.

Others are coming forward: Other insiders are sharing their thoughts on the discoveries. Jonathan Grey, an employee of the National Air and Space Intelligence Center, also told The Debrief, “We are not alone.… This is a global phenomenon, and yet a global solution continues to elude us.” Grusch said he hopes this newfound revelation “provides a generally uniting issue for nations of the world to re-assess their priorities.”

Reason for doubt: As reported by investigative journalist Jordan Schachtel, while Grusch has made claims about supposed spacecraft, it's crucial to note that he has never witnessed these alleged objects firsthand. Grusch openly admits that he also hasn't viewed any photographic evidence of these supposed artifacts, relying solely on “extensive interviews with high-level intelligence officials, some of whom are directly involved with the program.”

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