Biden's Mandates Are Costing America Crucial Workers

Illustration: Jared Egusa / Unwoke Narrative

Quick breakdown: Predictions showed that almost 13 million Americans could be fired because of Biden's mandates. The mandates continued to go into effect, and millions of Americans quit their jobs. Key industries are now facing shortages.

President Biden announced a vaccine mandate in September, forcing companies with at least 100 employees to require vaccination or weekly testing. The mandate affected around 80 million workers.

The Prediction

Before going into effect, The Washington Post predicted that 16 percent of that 80 million, or almost 13 million Americans, might rather quit than face coerced vaccination. Despite the knowledge, the Biden Administration went full steam ahead.

4.4 million workers quit: As Biden's mandate and other independent corporate mandates swept the nation, a record number of people quit their jobs. 4.4 million workers, or 3% of the total workforce, quit their jobs in September. This is the highest number since the government began tracking the statistic.

The media explained the spike as workers "reevaluating their life and work," but it's impossible to ignore coincidence with mandates moving into effect.

In Healthcare: 34,000 New York State health care workers were fired due to the mandates.

Hospitals nationwide are now experiencing deadly staff shortages as countless hospital networks are letting their first-responders go. Increasing a nurse's workload by just one patient raised the chance of patient mortality by 7%.

In Criminal Justice: Over a third of Chicago's police force has defied the city's vaccine mandate. While the United States murder rate is up 30%, one-third of the 13,000-member police force is up for dismissal.

The NYPD may fire 30% of its workers, 16,500 people, because of the mandate.

Non Compliance: Millions are still not complying. Forty percent of TSA agents remain uncompliant. Hundreds of thousands of U.S troops. Hundreds of L.A firefighters are suing the city over the mandate.

Twenty-seven states filed lawsuits against the Biden administration over the vaccine mandate.

NYC's largest police union filed a lawsuit to protect the NYPD from mandates.