Egypt Holds The Key to The Gazan Conflict

While Israel intensifies its bombardment of Gaza, questions remain about where the Palestinians will run.

What’s happening: Israel asked 1.1 million Palestinian civilians to evacuate from Northern Gaza toward the South within 24 hours as it continues to strike the area and may be preparing for a ground invasion.

  • But:Hamas told the civilians to stay put rather than evacuate to safety, and the UN said it was an impossible demand without “devastating humanitarian consequences.”

All eyes on Egypt: Conditions for Gazan civilians are worsening as Israel attempts to end Hamas, which is holding civilians as collateral. Though Israel receives more attention, Gaza is managed by Egypt and Israel together. If Egypt allows civilians to flee Gaza through its border, it would resolve the humanitarian crisis.

No help: Israel’s western neighbor refused to open corridors for the refugees. Egypt says Palestinians can only achieve statehood if they stay and fight. Egypt has also long associated Palestinian refugees with trouble.

  • Still,Egypt seeks to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza. Israel says it will allow food, water, fuel, and electricity into Gaza through its border once Hamas releases its hostages.

Between the lines: According to reports, the State Department has been working with Israel and Egypt on a possible solution. Evacuating northern Gaza could lay the groundwork to pressure Egypt to accept civilians, and Egypt heavily relies on aid from Washington.

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