What A Panicking Establishment Looks Like: Canada's Convoy

Downplaying: When the convoy first assembled, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was quick to downplay the event, labeling participants as being part of a “fringe minority.” As the convoy grew, it became clear that the protestors represented a large portion of the Canadian working class.

Defaming: With the protest at full steam, Trudeau held a press conference where he accused the trucker convoy crowd of “hateful rhetoric” and participating in “violence toward citizens.” This is far from the truth. Police reported no injuries or incidents of violence after the first day of protest.

  1. An MSNBC host also called Canada’s trucker convoy a “cult.”

  2. Trudeau and Canadian news outlets have also attempted to associate the convoy with white nationalism. An unbiased look at the masses gathered in Ottawa to protest reveals a very diverse crowd.

Exaggerating: Mainstream news in Canada is now portraying the convoy as an “occupation” rather than a protest.

Blaming political enemies: A Canadian news host suggested that Russia was behind the Freedom Convoy. "But there is concern that Russian actors could be continuing to fuel things as this protest grows. But perhaps even instigating it from, from the outset.”

Big picture: After two years of government overreach, Canadians are peacefully expressing their disapproval. The convoy scares the Canadian establishment because it reveals a strong opposition.

There is not much Trudeau’s government could do. An apology would be insufficient, and retracting the mandate will appear as a weak, reactive move by a government that buried itself in the “safety over freedom” narrative.

As it scrambles for a way out, the Canadian establishment is panicking, attempting to delegitimize the protestors that want nothing more than freedom.