Europe Panics At The Possibility Of A Second Trump Administration

Written by Anthony Constantini

What’s happening: Every four years, the world watches America’s presidential elections with great interest. November 2024 is already receiving rapt attention from all corners due to the fact that polls show former President Donald Trump’s return to the White House is a real possibility.

  • Why it matters: America’s influence around the world is arguably unmatched by any country in history. A new president can drastically change things for the entire planet - especially if it is one like Trump, who wishes to reshape America’s foreign policy infrastructure.

What Trump wants: If Trump returns to the White House, he has suggested enforcing a 10 percent tariff on all imports, a move that would affect adversaries such as China and allies. He would prefer to see a swift end to the Russo-Ukrainian War. And perhaps most importantly, he would likely demand NATO member states increase their defense spending.

  • Zoom in: The prospect of a second Trump administration is particularly haunting for Ukraine, which has so far rejected peace opportunities that would require concessions. Trump’s return could force them into such a position by cutting funding to their efforts, which have largely resulted in a stalemate.

Why Europe is panicking: While president, Trump informed allies that he would not defend them against Russia if they didn’t pay their share of NATO contributions. If Trump is back in office, European countries and NATO members will finally have to increase defense spending and foot the bill of the Ukraine war, which so far has mostly been covered by the American taxpayer.

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