Europe Prepares To Take A Right Turn

Polling shows right-wing parties set to make big gains in E.U. parliamentary elections.

What’s happening: The European Union will hold parliamentary elections this June, and polling indicates that voters across the continent are getting ready to make a hard turn to the right.

Why it matters: Europe’s parliament has never had a right-wing majority; this result would be historic and would fundamentally shift political workings in the E.U. Americans should take note, as European right-wing success in June could translate to right-wing success stateside in November.

  • Catch up: The current governing coalition in the European Parliament is a blend of three moderate parties: moderate liberals, moderate conservatives, and centrists.

Why the shift: European voters have had enough of climate alarmism which is decimating small farms. They’re angry with wide open borders which have allowed millions of illegal migrants to enter their countries. And they’re fed up with a Brussels-based establishment which has used legal tricks to undermine populist leaders.

A symbiotic circle: In 2019, a symbiotic political relationship between America and Europe was identified; when a movement does well in one, it usually finds its way across the Atlantic.

  • Brexit’s success in June 2016 encouraged American voters to elect Trump, which bounced back to Europe boosting right-wing swings in Italy and Austria in 2017 and 2018. The parallels — a major European election/referendum in June and an American election in November — are obvious.


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