The FBI “Schemed” To Protect Hunter Biden Before 2020 Election

Whistleblowers say officials aimed to prevent further investigation of the presidential candidate's son when they classified the Hunter Biden laptop story as disinformation.

According to “highly credible” whistleblowers, there was a widespread effort within the FBI to discredit negative information about Hunter Biden before the 2020 election.

There was a “scheme in place.” According to the whistleblowers, certain FBI officials schemed to prevent the FBI from investigating damaging information about Hunter Biden. This was achieved by classifying the information as disinformation, even though it was “either verified or verifiable via criminal search warrants.”

The matter was ordered closed. The FBI's avenues to investigate Hunter Biden and his illegal activities were shut down through the disinformation classifier. An assistant special agent in charge of the investigation even “attempted to improperly mark the matter in FBI systems so that it could not be opened in the future.”

There was a lot to cover up. Based on the authentic Hunter Biden laptop archives, Hunter engaged in troves of highly illegal activity, ranging from illicit drugs, prostitutes, and falsifying firearm applications to tax fraud, money laundering, and foreign influence peddling.

  • He’s now being investigated by the U.S. attorney in Delaware tax for potential tax fraud, money laundering, and selling Joe Biden’s influence to foreign entities like China and Ukraine.

Here’s how the cover-up functioned, with the new information about the FBI:

  • The intelligence community, in a letter, claimed that the Hunter Biden laptop story was Russian disinformation. They had no evidence to support the claim.

  • The mainstream media ran with the letter, despite no evidence, to report the Russian disinformation claim as fact.

  • Social media companies, like Twitter and Facebook, then used the mainstream media coverage as reasoning to censor the story on their platforms.

  • The FBI, behind the scenes, closed their investigations into Hunter Biden to protect him.

So why engage in the cover-up? Joe Biden was in the last stretch of his presidential run. Partisan institutions understood how information about Hunter Biden’s corrupt and illegal dealings could affect the campaign and sought to minimize it. Sixteen percent of voters unaware of the laptop scandal would not have voted for Biden if they knew about it.

The big picture: Many see the growing partisanship within the bureau. The recent allegations show the lengths they went through to protect Joe Biden, his presidency, and the Democratic party.

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