Covering Their Tracks: The FBI Vetted the Twitter Files Before Their Release

The documents revealing the inner workings of Twitter’s censorship were vetted and possibly sanitized by the FBI without Elon Musk’s knowledge.

The Twitter Files: Twitter CEO Elon Musk allowed journalists to report on documents showing the inner workings of Twitter’s censorship activities. The documents revealed that censorship requests came in from the Biden campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and even the Trump administration. They also showed that Twitter leadership knew suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop story was indefensible.

No mention of the FBI: The documents released notably didn’t mention any FBI involvement, although it’s known that the Bureau had prompted censorship of the laptop story at Facebook and worked to protect the Biden campaign. Now we know why: Before the files were given to journalists Matt Taibbi and Bari Weiss, they were vetted by Jim Baker, the FBI’s former top lawyer, without Musk’s or the journalists’ knowledge.

Baker and intelligence: Baker was the FBI’s former top lawyer who used his position to sign off on and propel the Trump-Russiagate investigations. He then left the FBI and became the top lawyer for Twitter. Though such a change could seem alarming or unusual, many former FBI, CIA, and NATO think tank officials joined Twitter before Musk’s buyout. Musk fired Baker shortly after the discovery.

Twitter’s corruption seems to run deep. Even with full ownership of the platform, Musk has faced hurdles in exposing its dark past. Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey, who oversaw the platform’s deterioration into censorship, is now urging Musk to release all files unredacted. It’s likely more files will be released soon.

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