Florida Rejects Controversial Math Books Teaching Critical Race Theory

DeSantis rejects math books teaching critical race theory

Background: Florida’s education department rejected 54 math textbooks for its K-12 curriculum because of issues with the content. The rejected books constitute 41 percent of all the books submitted for review. Gov. DeSantis stated that some books taught race essentialism to elementary school students.

Examples: Florida’s department of education did not offer specific examples from the rejected books, but journalists rushed to show examples from a Missouri school district with a math lesson centered around communist sympathizer Maya Angelou.

“One question from the ‘Person Puzzle’ worksheet asked if Nobel Laureate poet Maya Angelou was ‘sexually abused by her mother's boyfriend, brother or father. Another question asked whether the writer worked as a ‘pimp, prostitute’ and bookie, ‘Drug Dealer’ or ‘Night Club Dancer’ to support her son as a single mother,” Daily Wire

Back up: In 2019, DeSantis issued an executive order to eliminate Common Core curriculum standards from Florida’s math and English programs because of inappropriate and politically charged content.

From the left: Left-wing politicians are framing Florida’s actions as a means for Republicans to ban algebra from schools and limit children’s ability to learn basic subjects.