Florida School Boards Turn Red, Roe v. Wade Talking Points, and More News From Last Night's Primaries

Florida and New York had primaries last night. Democrat momentum picked up in New York while DeSantis' political effectiveness was on display in Florida.

In New York

Roe v. Wade as a talking point: A Democrat who positioned his campaign as a “referendum on Roe” won a special election in a highly competitive district, showcasing the powerful rhetoric that Democrats may use in upcoming midterms. His opponent ran in line with the Trump-GOP movement.

In Florida

School boards go conservative: Most DeSantis-endorsed school board candidates won their Florida primaries. These are victories that will significantly further the governor’s agenda of removing progressive influence in public schools.

DeSantis’ experienced opponent: Democratic voters have picked Charlie Crist to take on Florida's Ron DeSantis in the midterm governor elections. Crist previously served as Florida’s Republican governor more than a decade ago. He’ll also be positioning his campaign as a “referendum on Roe.”

Marco Rubio’s competitive seat: Democrat Rep. Val Demings won her primary, making Republican Rep. Rubio’s seat highly competitive come midterms. Demings has consistently outraised Rubio.

Republicans are still favored to win the House, and Democrats’ chances of winning the Senate have very slightly increased.


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