Abortion, Gun Rights, LGBT Issues, and More on the Agenda of Florida’s 2023 Legislative Session

Education: The Florida Legislature is considering a bill to ban public universities in the state from funding diversity, equity, and inclusion program. For K-12 education, another bill expands school vouchers for families seeking to homeschool or send their children to private or religious schools.

Abortion: Senate Bill 300 would ban all abortions after six weeks of pregnancy in the state and criminalize the mailing of abortion pills. (The bill doesn’t include cases of rape or incest.) The bill is aligned with a state education plan to teach abstinence and increase awareness around the “consequences of teenage pregnancy.”

Other notable bills: The Legislature is also reviewing a bill that would prohibit the teaching of LGBT ideology in schools through eighth grade; another that would enact constitutional carry in the state, allowing civilians to conceal weapons without a permit; another to make it easier to sue media outlets for defamation; and another to remove the requirement for a unanimous jury when pursuing the death penalty for violent criminals.

Between the lines: Gov. Ron DeSantis's influence is definitely present in the legislative session, as the body moves to review bills that favor the governor's executive initiatives. If these bills become law, DeSantis will appear as an effective leader who does what he says he will do, just in time for the GOP primaries.

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