Freedom Convoy of Truckers Arrives in D.C.

The caravan stretched two miles on Sunday.

Last week: After a slow start to the American version of the Freedom Convoy, media outlets rushed to proclaim the protest a failure.

Now: Hundreds of trucks, R.V.s, and cars, initially departing from California last week, are planning to shut down traffic in the nation’s capitol to protest vaccine mandates.

“I am fearful of them trying to do to us what they did to those involved in Jan 6. It is our belief that they WILL try to do that….that means at this time, meaning today, tomorrow, we are not and will not go into DC proper.”

Mandates already being removed: Canada’s Freedom Convoy erupted in the heat of vaccine mandates as governments were adding mandates weekly. The current atmosphere in the United States is different.

  • Major cities like Washington D.C., NYC, and Boston have already rescinded most of their newly-enacted vaccine mandates. Los Angeles still has its mandate intact.

While mandates are slowly removed, for now, the People’s Convoy is gearing up to be a feel-good movement of patriotism and solidarity against crushing lockdowns and dehumanizing mandates. Thousands of Americans have made their way to support the convoy, waving flags and spreading cheer.