Freedom Convoy Organizers Arrested on the Street

Top organizers have been charged with "counseling to commit mischief," among other offenses.

Tamara Lich, an organizer of the convoy, shortly before her arrest.

Banks begin to freeze accounts: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canada's federal police force, provided a list of people participating, helping, or donating to the protests to all major banks with the intention of freezing accounts.

  • Trudeau's emergency orders “require virtually every participant in the Canadian financial system — banks, investment firms, credit unions, loan companies, securities dealers, fundraising platforms, and payment and clearing services."

  • The Canadian Civil Liberties Association plans to sue the federal government, saying the emergency act infringes on Canadians’ Charter rights.

Ottawa police arrest organizers on the street: The two top organizers of the Convoy, Tamara Lich and Chris Barber, were arrested on the streets on Thursday as part of the recent crackdown.

  • Both have been charged with a number of offenses, including “counseling to commit mischief.”

Trump supporters “oughta be worried”: Canadian Justice Minister David Lametti issued a warning to supporters of Donald Trump who donated to the Freedom Convoy from the United States.

  • “I think if you are a member of a pro-Trump movement who's donating hundreds of thousands of dollars and millions of dollars to this kind of thing, then you oughta be worried.”

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